BCT Entertainment

2780 E. Regal Park Drive

Anaheim, CA. 92806

‚ÄčLarge format graphics and event banners. We can design all aspect of your message and get across to the public. We can help with outdoor lighting and event lighting.

Studio lighting equipment led studio lighting, film lighting equipment, led event lighting, event lighting rental

festival lighting & outside concert, lighting truss rental, led video walls, lighting console rental & grandMA2 rental,

event stage rental, ETC EOS Console & etc ion console,


Bus: 714-237-9270   fax: 714-237-9948


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master electrician

Technical design

stage hands

qsys programmer

lighting design

video tech

BCT Entertainment

tv / film / stage

production design

sound design

rigging coordinator

event coordinator

staging coordinator

video projection

labor we can provide:

lighting programmer

labor coordination

syncrolite tech