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 The 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge was an incredible opportunity for BCT Entertainment. Our team was asked to design a lighting & pyrotechnic control system that was synced to a radio station playing the music over the airwaves. This was a precision project, as the system needed to be flexible, wireless and redundant, and with hard work, creative minds and technical skills perfected over years of experience, we were able to develop an entertainment extravagance, and the result has made us very proud.

The biggest challenge we faced on this project was the overall distance, which is a huge factor in a wireless system. There were 5 pyrotechnic launch sites on the bridge and three pyrotechnic launch sites on barges that all need their own time code. We also had two light board locations to control the large format moving lights called Syncrolite. One of the light boards was located on a barge floating on the water moving with a tugboat, the second light board was located next to Front-of-House position. We had the “Show Music” being transmitted from a radio station miles away which needed to be synced within milliseconds. The show area was about 2 miles wide and 3 miles long.

We erected a front-of-house location to enable us to add in communications which became the central hub for all communications. We maintained communications with those in charge of the Golden Gate Bridge, Police, different Military organizations, Pyrotechnic Teams, Lighting Teams, Tug Captains, and many other people.

We designed a system that handled each part of the system separate and with redundancy. This meant the Pyrotechnic time code was a separate system than the Light Board time code and with redundant backups. They worked on the same system for control by a master clock, which needed to be a flexible time code, allowing us to “offset” in real-time. This meant constant monitoring throughout the show.

It was a pleasure working with so many talented individuals on this show. From the fireworks team of PyroSpectaculars to the lighting team of Syncrolite. We would especially like to say Thank You to all the men & women of law enforcement, all military branches and all the people that work on the Golden Gate Bridge.

75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge

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