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Red Carpet Premieres are always exciting. When the crowd and actors come to see their movie, the energy is high and everyone is always ready to have fun. We laid down a large red carpet and erected a well-lit archway for press and media. Speed was a factor in this project, as it needed to be setup and removed in the same day.

The Client desired a graphic wall to have a third-dimension 
effect on it by adding picture frames around each image. This gave it a “home touch”. The graphic image was printed as one long image which allowed us to have “no seams” in the wall, appearing as one long image.

The archway was designed to be seamless, creating a challenge due to the wind during the load-in at an outdoor location, becoming a serious concern. Working the logistics with the structural engineer we were able to come up with a fantastic system that looked good and was safe.

The lighting was designed around all LED fixtures, creating not additional heat. This was beneficial for the press and talent, as they were able to stay as comfortable as possible, without sacrificing quality of lighting. We were able to save on power consumption with the whole event powered by only 12 – 20amp circuits.

This was a fun project to be a part of, and we look forward to other projects.

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