Adam is our Shop Manager and one of our Crew leads when on jobsite.  Hiring into the company in 2011 Adam has displayed quick learning capabilities and an experienced work ethic.  Having a background in Photography, he has a keen eye for lighting variants and the different applications for its use.  He has been a hard worker and has become an important part of the BCT family.  His determination at getting a job done, and done well, is a great asset for BCT and any client that has him on the team.

Jeremy Mobley

IT Management - Logistics

Chad Brook

CeO - technical director

brian Longhofer

CFO - technical director

       Terri is the office manager of BCT Entertainment, she has many roles to play in the day-to-day operation of the company. Terri manages the Human Resources Department, making sure Company Policies, Dress Codes and attendance are properly enforced. She also works hand-in-hand with the company accountants to make sure that our books are up to date, and our tax obligations our being met. Terri’s biggest role is interfacing with our customer base, making sure shipments are being tracked and on time. She is always here to talk to the clients and help out with a friendly voice.

Consulting • Solutions • Design • Rentals

Jeremy is our IT Manager as well as the head of logistics. He is a great asset to BCT.

Terri Brook

VP - Office Manager

      Brian has been working involved in the technical aspects his entire adult life. He began his career as a stagehand in Theme Parks, over time became a production electrician, and most recently a Technical Director. Brian has literally hundreds of events under his belt. From internationally televised events, to small theatre, his experience is extensive. Brian brings a wealth of talent and experience to the BCT family, and is dedicated to providing consistently high level services for our clients nationwide.

Adam Dafforn

Warehouse Manager, Sales & Rental Consultant

       Chad has been working in the entertainment industry for 20+ years, and has had the opportunities to work on many exciting projects. He enjoys collaborating on projects, so he started hosting a Sketchup and Vectorworks User Group. He has worked long and hard in becoming a Technical Designer, Lighting Designer working on interesting projects like lasers in 3D or pyro shows choreographed to music. Chad is a strong asset to BCT Entertainment team and excels in building working relationships and developing new ideas to "wow" the audience.